downloading and starting the program

My problem seems trivial, but I’m struggling with a brand new dual boot computer with Ubuntu and Windows. I want to run Scrivener on Windows because I’m just learning Linux. But everything I’m using is brand new, to me, that is.

I thought I unzipped, 'scuse me, decompressed, the Scrivener file OK. But I’m still really confused with Windows 7. I used XP for years. Can you please tell me how to get a shortcut up to open Scrivener? I still have a zipped file, after I thought I unzipped (decxcompressed) everything.

I’d call a tech, but he’s a Windows person and he’s not a writer. I’m sorry. I’ve run a cross-country teaching website, with three mirror sites and 2 universities, for 15 years. I really know html, write in it directly, but I am just learning CSS and JavaScript. I programmed in Fortran quite a long time ago. I should be able to get this program up. But lots has changed over the last 25 years, since I changed over from punch cards to PC.

I uninstalled the old trial version of Scrivener because I had messed that up. i downloaded it before you put up the NaNoWriMo version. I’m trying desperately to get this up in time to get used to this new equipment in the next week.

Any help would be appreciated, and sympathy, lots of sympathy.

love and peace, and don’t ever change a whole system at once, she says now that she’s done it.

Jeannie the Red Jay

There shouldn’t have been a zip file for Windows. The NaNo version, like the betas, is distributed as an .exe installer. You should just need to double-click that .exe file in your downloads folder to run the installer and it will take you the rest of the way, including making a shortcut for you. Perhaps you downloaded the support files only, the template and compile settings?

Thank you. I’m not sure how I did it, but it’s working now. Thank you. jeanne