Downloading Templates

Hi, Everyone–I’m a brand new user of Scrivener and have just registered to use the Forum. I’ve been through the tutorial twice but still don’t understand properly some of the features, especially regarding the merits of using meta data items. Perhaps some solid examples (eg writing a novel and using characters, scenes, chapters etc in the explanation) would be helpful here.
Anyway, I want to download some templates to see if this will help me understand Scrivener better. But every time I do, I can’t locate the download–even though it does seem to go through a download action. I’ve checked my Download Folder, the Desktop and done a search, but no luck. To download I simply clicked on some of the templates listed by Lord Lightning in the appropriate section on the subject.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Kawasaki,

Could you try a search using Spotlight. Don’t give Spotlight too much information. Let it find on the first few characters or word.

It might help to download a sample application or pdf from another site such as of Google.

If that download also vanishes it might be that you have pointed your downloads to another place on your drive.

I have no problems with the downloads so let’s start from there - it is possible to do it. Then we will iron out your problem a step at a time.

Are you using Leopard or Tiger?

PS: At the top of this web page is little magnifying glass with the word SEARCH next to it. Try a search on that using the word ‘template’ - it will lead you to instructions on how to load the Templates. It is also covered very well in the Tutorial and in Scrivener Help (in the menu bar - HELP).

PPS: Go here:

at the bottom of the FEATURES panel you will find a really helpful video Keith prepared. It is highly recommended.


I used Spotlight to no avail. I also checked Downloads and the templates are not listed. So I must be doing something wrong at a fundamental level. I went to your (Lord Lightning’s) list, clicked on an example and expected to find it along with all the other downloads I get every day including today. Do I have to do something more than simply clicking on the list?
Also, I can locate the Master Template that is being much discussed. It is not in theLL’s list as far as I can make out.

Sorry, forgot to note that I’m using Leopard. Also, I meant to say in the previous note that I CANNOT locate the Master Template being discussed.

Thanks for mentioning the video. I missed that completely. It should be given more prominence on the page for people like me!

uh don’t know if this will help but when you open the Scrivener DMG file there was an “extras” installer. When you click that it installed some templates in SCRV.

So when you open SCR and select NEW PROJECT a window appears (New Project Builder) and a list of preinstalled templates.

Ok that is the preinstalled templates.

Now if you “download a template” I would assume you are using Safari. Sometimes people click a link thinking they are downloading something when in fact they are just clicking an active link so go to the link that is the download and “right click” on the link and select “Download Linked Files As…” it will then allow you to select where to download it what to name it.

Then you can go to the New Project Window and the pulldown menu Templates selct Import Template.

Hope that helps?

Hi Kawasaki, … c&start=15

I have removed the templates I posted - including the Master Fiction Template and the PhD and the Article templates and several others.

I have found my work on these templates has been reworked and commercialised by others.

They were meant ONLY for Scrivener beta testers. They are not part of the application itself. Probably a good idea to track through the thread that the URL above points to.

Second item: Leopard at 10.5.1 is about to be upgraded to 10.5.2. Unfortunately 10.5.1 is quite idiosyncratic about file and folder permissions.

MaxFixIt and other sites are rich in discussion of these issues.

10.5.2 may make this easier if it is a permission problem. The rumour sites are saying it only a matter of days until it is released.

In the meantime, Wock’s advice is the next step to try. Spot on!


My apologies for turning this into a marathon project. I was using FireFox. So I tried Safari. I got more apparent downloading action as represented by the 'wheeled arrows icon in the Apple menu bar spinning, but still nothing on my PPC iMac. Each time I am returned to a note on the Forum connected to the particular template I’m trying to download. EG: in the case of LL’s kind effort above in presenting a template download address in his last note, after clicking on it I was returned to a Nov. 20, 2007 note from Jolanth and a Quote beginning with "It’s almost like painting …

Don’t know if that gives anyone a hint of what’s going on. On the other hand, I took Wock’s advice and installed the Extras. The templates work fine.

Thanks for the suggestions. Roll on 10.5.2, though I still suspect I’m overlooking something simple, as I have had no trouble downloading files elsewhere.

While I have your attention, how can I delete some test projects I no longer want. I tried moving them to the trash but there are still some remains and they are still listed. The ‘Delete’ button is not active to use in this case.

Probably the surest way to get rid of dead projects is to locate them in the appropriate folder and trash them.

GO CAREFULLY until you get the hang of this.

  1. Projects as TEMPLATES:
    Your Library folder - it’s in Users usually signified with a ~
    So ~Library > Application Support > Scrivener > Project Templates
    Delete the files that should not be there.

  2. Projects as Scrivener projects that live in the Binder.
    Documents > Scrivener Documents >
    Trash the files that do not belong there.

Re the thread - read through it to find various entries re the templates. Also search on ‘Templates’ in the search function at the top of this page.

The URL’s take you to the topic not the particular entry. You have to scroll through the topic entries to find the particular entry. This is why Keith and Amber try to keep the threads as targeted as possible - otherwise all sorts of stuff would wind up in the most unexpected places. So there is a big Thread such as Technical Support then there are individual threads started by users who start a query or post such s the one you started - usually called something snazzy like a ‘topic’.

Edit: Just to check assumptions.

I take it that you are looking at this thread: … 15&start=0

with these templates:

Good Template discussion thread at: … torder=asc

Standard Empty Project … php?t=1907

JohnB’s Scrivener Template for Picture Books … php?t=1895

GR’s Structured Story Development Template … php?t=1241

PrimitiveWorker’s Final Draft Script Formats (extra’s package) … php?t=2230

xiamenese’s Nisus template for BBC radio drama format … php?t=2759

Antony Johnston Final Draft Comic Template … 5131#25131