Downloading the update

Keith, I got no idea why… but every time I try to update to the next, it fails.

So here is my question, should I download the version from your shop and install over it? You know as if it was a new one? And I guess to do that I will need registration number and all that (easy to obtain before doing anything from the program itself)

Or since it is a registered copy, it will just install over and recognize it is a registered copy?


I know I have yet to update the OS, so this is not urgent. There were other expenses this month that came far first before any frivolity like updating the OS anyhow.

Yes, if the automatic update isn’t working for you, just re-download from our site and reinstall. You shouldn’t need to re-enter your registration details; in fact, the automatic updated really does no more than download the latest version and overwrite the old copy with it.

Thanks Keith, will do so.