Downloading trial version

I’m having a problem downloading a trial version of Scapple. I did so earlier on my old MacBook Air, but on this new MacBook Air, running the latest software (shudder), the download page - … ct=Scapple

gives me a message:

"Downloads available on desktop site
“To download a free trial of Scapple for macOS or Windows, please visit this page on a Mac or PC.”

What’s gone wrong?

This is not a problem for me - I can put the disk image into Dropbox and get it from there. But it may be sending away possible buyers.

I’d look for problems with what you’re doing on your new MacBook Air. I have just tried on my 13" MBP and it downloaded as normal. No messages, just downloaded quickly (ca 3 secs); tested with Opera, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. MacOS 10.14.3.



Try making the page smaller by zooming out a few times. It sounds like you’re referring to a behaviour that hides the download buttons if the site thinks you are on a tablet or phone. That estimation is determined not by any characteristics your browser uses to identify your session, but rather the width of the window in relation to the content. Zooming out is a good way to increase the effective width of your session without having to dominate the laptop screen with your browser.

We’ll be removing that stipulation, in part because it isn’t a necessary restriction in the first place. I can think of a number of reasons why it would be convenient to download a .dmg or .exe file on the go and transfer it to your computer later.

D’oh, that worked! I thought it was Mojave’s carry-on!