Downloads after the initial one

Very non-tech person here… I would be purchasing the Scrivener download (as opposed to the disk). When I get a new laptop, which is likely within the year, do I just download Scrivener again from the site, perhaps by citing my initial purchase number or some such “proof”, or will I have to copy the program from my computer to a disk and then transfer it to my new computer?

I ask because I’m a little worried about the copying the program process and if anything goes awry, would I have the option of downloading again from the site? I noticed the disk is for sale - is that a better option/for back-up/?


Just download whatever the current demo version is from the website when you get your new computer. Once you install that, input your license code and it will work.

Thanks Robert.
So if there is an upgrade between now, when I buy the current version, and later, when I have a new computer, presumably I would get that free? Or at least the option to stick w/ the non-upgraded version? (am I worrying too much? :unamused:

You are worrying too much. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if/when they’d start charging for updating (my assumption is that it would be 2.0 at the earliest, though don’t quote me on that as I’m not In The Know or anything). If nothing else, you’d be able to always use whatever the last version was that you’d been eligible for. The Scriv folks are not ever going to force you to upgrade or update.

So use your code on whatever new computer you get, using the latest version.

I believe that all updates are free until v2.0. Which means that the Windows version will be the equivalent of the present Mac version v2.0 - probably better. :slight_smile:

The code you get when you purchase is the vital thing to keep safe. It will unlock all versions up until the next paid update (v2.0).

Thanks everyone! No more worries :smiley: .