Dr. Zhivag, the CIA and Kurt Gerstein.

The Washington Post has an article about a soon-out book on how the CIA worked to promote Boris Pasternak’s banned-in-the-USSR novel Dr Zhivago.

washingtonpost.com/world/nat … story.html

Now if I could just come up with a way to get Putin ticked off at something I’ve written.

There’s an interesting background to Kurt Gerstein, a SS officer who was a leading anti-Nazi. From the Dutch underground he got a copy of an anti-Nazi book. He wanted to smuggle it back into Germany to pass around but how? Even as an SS officer, his luggage might be searched.

So he wrapped for mailing and addressed it to SS Reichfuhrer H. Himmler with a note very critical that this book was available in a Nazi-occupied country. If it was opened, he could always say he was bringing it back to Germany to save on the postage. Once home, he could throw away the shipping cover.

Here’s the Wikipedia article about him. He was a most unusual person.


Here’s a short but dramatic film:


–Mike Perry, Inkling Books