Draft/Card redraw issue after title edit

Pretty minor.

If I use the ‘i’ button to edit the title on a card, the change isn’t reflected on screen until I scroll it off the screen and scroll it back on again.

Update: I should clarify this is for the card view on iPad. The equivalent list view on iPhone updates as expected.



I can’t reproduce this. I hit the “i” so that the inspector opened in the sidebar, typed into the title, and it appeared in the title bar of the editor soon after (there is a slight delay so that it isn’t constantly refreshing as you type). Could you please provide more details?

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I thought I was going mad as it was working when I just tried it, however, I remembered what I did!

After I edit the title, it updates at the top of the entry correctly, but if I select the ‘back’ button, to return to the card view, it doesn’t update on the card until it is scrolled off/on the screen.

Any other method to get back to that screen works fine.

Dave Barfoot

Great, thanks! That tallies with another bug report, so I’m glad you’ve confirmed the trigger - I can reproduce it now.

I’ll have this fixed for the first update.

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