Draft folder absent in Novel Format?

Excuse me if my questions appears to be a tad odd, but I am new to Scrivener.
I imported a manuscript from another software package into Scrivener 1.54 using the Novel Format and I find that there is no Draft folder. Is this to be expected for the Novel format?
Thank you in advance.

The Draft folder is the top-level folder with a special icon that looks like a stack of papers in perspective. You will always find a Draft folder in every project because it is impossible to delete it. It is, however, possible to rename it. The interface is smart about it and will adjust the naming of its various functions to reflect that. With the novel template in particular, the name of the draft folder has been changed to “Manuscript”. Thus, the menu command changes to “Compile Manuscript”. Change the name to “Provolone” and you’ll be able to Compile Provolone. To keep things standard, the documentation and help files all refer to it simply as the “Draft”, because underlying the superficial naming, that is what it is.

Thank you.