DRAFT Folder Disappeared During Tutorial


I was doing the tutorial on my Imac and got to Step 10: Outliner, which says to click on the “Draft” Folder in the Binder.

However, I don’t see a “Draft” folder. My Binder contains:
Part 2: Organisation
Part 1: Basics
Step 1: Beginnings

Can you please help?


It looks like you may have stumbled on the delete key combo or something; It’s probably best for you to start over from the beginning…

Close Scrivener. Locate the tutorial .scriv folder (likely in the Documents folder) and drag it to the trash. Then launch Scrivener and create a new Interactive Tutorial project.

Thanks, Robert. I figured I must have done some weird key combo. Your directions were spot on and I can now continue. Appreciate the help. :smiley:

You can’t actually delete the Draft folder, but you may well have accidentally renamed it. It can be recognised by its icon - the title page with the bulldog clip on it. But Robert’s suggestion of clearing and restarting the tutorial is definitely a good idea.

Thanks, KB. It’s up and working again.

It’s possible you were looking at the results of a search, or that you had created a collection, both of which should be covered in the tutorial. That might explain the lack of the Draft folder being visible.