Draft Folder No Longer Connected to Binder

I am fairly new to Scrivener, so I don’t know if the title of this topic is accurate, but I can describe my problem. At the end of a writing session, in addition to a normal backup (to Dropbox),I also Export my entire Draft (as separate rich text, PDF, and Word files), and store them on an external drive.

I used to be able to highlight the Draft Folder and my entire Binder of Folders and Sub Files where be there for me to Export.

Although the entire contents of my Binder is still there, when I click on Draft, it is empty. Now, in order to Export my entire Binder, I need to highlight the whole thing, right-click, to Export it.

Since I am new to Scrivener, I no doubt accidently clicked something to cause this. How would I go about restoring to the way it was before? Thank you in advance to those who reply.

Likely you’ve accidently moved the whole of your files up one level. (They are now rooted at the same level than your draft folder – to test, collapse the draft folder. And if it doesn’t have a “>” to its left, well, that already answers the question : it is empty.)

(Make a backup of your project first, in case.)
→ Select everything that should be in your draft folder at once, and, with your mouse, drop that multi-documents selection ON the draft folder in the binder.

Thanks for the reply V_V. The Draft Folder does have a “>” to it’s left and when I click on it, the contents of the Binder are all there. If I just click on the Draft folder, and it is highlighted, it is empty, but before this mishap, if I clicked on clicked on the Draft Folder I would see the top document of my Draft in the Editor window.


Thanks, V_V! That did the trick. I appreciate your help.

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