Draft Folder Tweak

I’m sorry if this idea is redundant, but I was unable to figure out how to get the search engine to allow me to look up “draft folder”. The idea is nothing major, just that it would be nice to be able to put PDF’s and whatnot into the draft folder. I often use Scriv as a binder to organize myself (academic or business plans, etc). I can understand if this interferes with export functions, but even if i could just delete the draft folder, that would be cool.
Otherwise, you’re making it very difficult to find things to complain about (obviously :wink: Good work. I hope you’re enjoying some writing time.

citizen Vern

Is there any reason you can’t put your PDFs in the research folder, or create other top-level folders, and just leave the draft folder to the content you are writing?

Deleting the Draft folder would make the whole “Compile Draft” function redundant - which is kind of one of the main functions of Scrivener! As Matt says, the best thing to do is just place your PDFs in any other folder you wish - the Research folder, or other top-level folders you create.
All the best,