"Draft" folder, Writing History and new project templates

I just updated to the latest beta and when checking Project > Writing History, there are columns for Draft, Other and Total.

How do I integrate this in an existing project, if possible? I do not have a “Draft” folder, and I tried making one but it obviously didn’t see that as what it wanted. I tried creating new projects and the only one with a built-in Draft folder is the Blank one. Is this something to still be fleshed out and worked into the new templates that would be updated for v3, or is there another way to incorporate the Draft so that Writing History tracks it, into my existing projects? Thanks for any help.

The “Draft” folder can be renamed at will, though not deleted, and it serves the same function whatever it is called. It has been renamed in some of the templates, so, for instance, in the Novel templates, I believe it is labelled “Manuscript”. I have always started from the “Blank” template, though I have made my own version to save me having to modify various project preferences each time, so I cannot advise in which ones “Draft” has been renamed.



Ah, okay, yes it is called Manuscript in the “Novel with parts” template and others. It makes sense now, thank you!

I have a similar question, but different enough that the above description doesn’t really help.

After updating to the latest version of Scrivener earlier this month, I enjoyed using the Project > Writing History… feature. However, on December 17th, as the images below will show, something happened in which my word count started being tabulated under ‘Other’ instead of ‘Draft’ even though I don’t remember making any changes to how I was starting and nesting new chapters (see the second picture).

It’s probably worth noting that I’m doing 99% of my writing in the chapters under the Manuscript header. (I use Evernote for book development since it syncs more effortlessly with my iPhone).

Any suggestions on where I goofed? I’d love to get everything back under ‘Draft’ again.

Thanks in advance,