Draft-> Folders vs. Files - differences, usage?

Hi all,
Had Scrivener a few years ago, just reloaded it again, and am using it for my Life Story Project.

I noticed at least one difference between folders and files - that I can sort files via drag/drop directly in the notebook space (left side), but I can’t seem to that with folders. I was able to re-sort folders via the corkboard view.

Can someone point me to a tutorial/article that points out other differences between folders and files (within draft) and which would you use given various usage scenarios?

Dawn in NJ

Files and folders can both be moved by drag and drop in the Binder – there is no difference. It can be a little fiddly, but it is certainly possible.

As for how one uses files and folders – that is really a matter of taste. Given that you can convert files to folders and folders to files, it probably doesn’t make too much difference until you come to compile whatever you have written, at which point you might want to look at the options in the manual. You can find that under the Help menu in Scrivener.


PS: I take it that you are using the latest version of Scrivener.