Draft Target reset itself to random target

Hi there,

I’d set a draft target for my manuscript at 100,000 words. When I restarted Scrivener sometime later is had reset itself to “Scene Group 3” target (which is a specific folder title) instead of “Draft Target” and only shows the word count for the docs in that folder, instead of the whole manuscript. I can’t figure out why that happened or how to fix it, but I miss my little blue bar telling me I was halfway to my overall goal!

Thanks for any guidance y’all can offer.

Hi Hreppers. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

In the target popup, click “options…”.

Uncheck the first option as per this screenshot :

Ah ha! Thank you! I’d grown awfully fond of that blue bar…

In case you didn’t know, it can be seen here too :

And you get stats if you hover :

Current word count / Draft’s target │ Session’s word count / Session’s target

The length of the blue line(s) is a percentage, relative to the length of the display area.

When you have a draft target set and also a session target, the top blue line is the draft’s progress and the bottom one is the session’s.

Knowing this, I barely ever look at the target popup anymore.
I only use it to set things up. (Targets, session’s reset hour, etc.)