Draft Target Word count not updating

I am a new user and I may be doing something wrong but my Draft Target word count stopped counting as I have continued on my project. It stopped at 11,887 words and my word count is well over that now. Is there a way to update the number or even reset it? I save daily to two locations but I am not sure that has anything to do with my issue.

This problem isn’t causing a slow down in my writing, it’s just an annoyance so when ever someone could get back to me is fine. No hurry.

Thank you,

When you say “save daily to two different places”, do you use “Save As”? Is it possible that you kept working in the copy that you saved to, while intending to work in the original? Can you find all the words you’ve written since going past 11k?

BTW, I advise you use File->Backup->Backup to… to make backups, not File-Save As. When your brain is fully in the writer-space, sometimes even the most astute people can get confused; Backup To prevents you from getting confused as to which project copy you’re working on (it will always leave you in the original).

Another possible issue: Are you putting all of your writing in the Draft/Manuscript folder? There are settings in the Target window that exclude writing done anywhere but the Draft folder.