Draftin.com sync

Hi there,

I just wanted to suggest that you look at http://draftin.com a (relatively) simple online text-editing service, which seems to me more in key with Scrivener’s ethos than Simplenote. It’s also made by a single developer, who is extremely helpful and I imagine would be very responsive to any questions you might have. It seems to have a pretty simple (though I’m not a developer!) API, plays nicely with markdown, and it has version control built in – I don’t know whether that would be an extra complication, or a good way of integrating with snapshots on import/export!

It’s a relatively new service - so if supporting it is loads of work, then it would probably be better to wait and see how it pans out…

All the best, and thanks for the great software; it is extremely helpful for academic writing.

Just a little update:

It is sort-of-possible to get this working by syncing to an external (dropbox or google drive) folder, and then syncing this folder with Draft. How robust this will be I have yet so see - I’ll certainly be making an effort to backup at both ends of the equation.

The only slight pain is that draft will have a set of drafts (snapshots, essentially) and scrivener will have a separate set based on what I export/import. I’ll probably get by through choosing to ignore these!

If anybody is interested in details of this workflow then let me know.