Hi there! I did a search of the forums for information on the tag in the short story template, and only got 1 hit which didn’t address my needs.

So, here’s my question: Where do I set this? I tried the Project > Meta-Data Settings options but it doesn’t seem to be there. When I go to Compile, I know I can replace this tag manually in the Page Settings tab, but I’d like for it to be automatic.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? :slight_smile:


Chris Jones

This is not set by any particular setting, but rather takes the name of your Draft folder from the binder. If you started with a template, this may be different than the default “Draft”, but it will be the one with the icon that looks like a stack of paper with a title page on top. Whatever you call that will be what is used by <$draftname>.

If you would rather have something based on a setting, rather than the name of the Draft folder, you can use <$projecttitle>, which is set up in the Meta-Data Settings panel (if there is nothing supplied here, it will use the file name of the project).

Perfect! Thank you! :slight_smile: