Drag a plain text selection into Document References

Document References works splendidly as a list space for plain text fields associated with a doc. I use these entries for document date and type, and for a programmatically readable representation of the DocID.

In fact Doc References will accommodate multi-paragaph text blocks in each entry, if one so desires. But the destination control rejects dragged text that is not in the form of a link. So the user must create a dummy link or file, or go through a cumbersome cut and paste or manual process, to add plain text to a Doc Refs entry.

Since plain text with no link makes a perfectly valid entry in Document References, could a plain text drag and drop be made native thereto, as it is already to Custom Meta-Data and Keywords?

Thanks for considering!

Rgds – Jerome

Related request. When dragging a web link into Doc References, could we use the actual text around the link as our displayed entry? Thus dragging out the link to this thread would yield “Drag a plain text selection into Document References” rather than “www.literatureandlatte.com”. Or perhaps Scriv could allow a template for preferred formatting.

Thanks – Jerome

Interesting use of the feature! There is one thing I can think of that is slightly more straightforward than what you described as creating a dummy link, and that is to use the “Create External Reference” method which merely adds a row that you can then paste or start typing into, no URL or draggable object necessary.

I actually strongly prefer the way it works right now. If I want to drag a link out somewhere text-based I nearly always want the URL, not the description of the URL.

At any rate, with custom meta-data slated for improvements across the board, hopefully you find a better way to do what you are doing, rather than using a bookmark list to store text strings. And I think it would be more natural to accept a paragraph or two of text as a drop into a context like meta-data, than a list that is really meant to be more like bookmarks in a web browser.