Drag-able, copy-able document references

I’d like to be able to highlight multiple references in the reference box of one document, drag them onto another document in the Draft column and have them appear in the second document’s reference box.

Say I have a picture of a beach and a picture of a bus that I’m using in Chapter One. The same beach and bus are going to appear later in Chapter Five, so I’d like to highlight them both and just drag them over onto Chapter Five.

It would also be nice if I could just copy/paste references from one reference box to another.

Sorry if this has been requested before (I searched, really!). Thanks in advance.

I had that situation in a current project, and I just used the search box to find the other instances. In my case, the question was about a wooden desk, and I couldn’t remember if it was oak, pine, or walnut. So I just entered “desk” in the search box. Mostly I prefer not to clone reference materials, though it’s easy enough to do by selecting, clicking on Option, and dragging to create duplicates–all standard Mac behavior.

I think we’re talking about different things. The materials themselves wouldn’t be cloned, because the items in the document reference box (lower right corner) are simply links - not the actual files themselves.

I want to be able to drag these links from the reference box of one document into that of another.

Thanks for the suggestion, although I’m afraid that this is not likely to happen any time soon.