Drag and Drop between projects loses folder structure

Just a quick note: dragging a folder from one project to another loses the folder structure (as of beta 025).

If you select a folder and drag it, the folder is copied without its children. If you select it with its children, then all the items are copied, but the children appear before the folder, and are no longer children of the copied folder. So, if you want to clone a complex structure between projects, you have to do it in a very step-by-step fashion.

Yes, this is a known bug from earlier versions that just hasn’t gotten fixed yet. If you’re copying a lot, you might do better making a copy of the project itself in Explorer (while the project is closed) and then just deleting what you don’t want, but if you’ve already got a project set up that you’re moving the files into then it is a little step by step at the moment.

Thanks. Where is the current bug list, by the way? I thought it used to be under Help.

(Another (new?) bug: the new shortcut key claims Ctrl+F5 is “open in other editor” but I couldn’t get it to work in any context: outline, corkboard, editing a document, or in the binder. In no case did it change the contents of either editor.)