Drag and Drop Comments into a Corkboard/Collection

Hello! I have been outlining a lot lately, and part of that outline has been commenting on a long-form document (I call it the MotherLore) spanning many connected stories. I have been reviewing the MotherLore and commenting on it, focusing on the first individual story. I am now looking to take the comments I wrote in the MotherLore and convert them into notes/scenes/ideas for the outline. So, I hope to split view the MotherLore with an empty collection and drag and drop some of the comments I made in the MotherLore into the said collection for my outline. Thank you for reading this and for such a great program! Happy writing!

Sounds like you want to use quick reference panels and let them float and pull comments off and put in new files. when create file, create a collection (new mother lore or whatever name and and as create file right click and add to collection option is there and add to new collection. Not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for.

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You can drag selected text from one side of the split Editor pane and drop it into position in the outline showing in the other side of the split. The text will become the title of a new doc. if you also have the Inspector open, you can, of course, drag and drop some text into the synopsis or notes area of that new document.

Is this getting at what was wanted?


Thank you for your reply! I don’t think this is what I am looking for. I simply want to drag a comment from the inspector over into a corkboard/collection/folder and have it create a new note with the contents of that comment. My apologies if we’re both saying the same thing, my coffee isn’t kicking in yet!

Thank you for your reply! I am not sure this is the workflow I was looking for. I have a split editor open, a long text sequence in one editor pane, with a lot of comments in the inspector pane. I want to drag a comment from the inspector pane and have it generate a new note in a collection (or corkboard or outline what have you). I am not dragging text from one document into another, I am dragging a comment.

Hi @DSParadise,

Caveat: I’m on Windows & you are on Mac, so there may be slight differences in how Scriv works between the two platforms.

First, let’s confirm what you’re trying to do. Here is a screenshot from the Tutorial project:

You want to drag a comment from the Inspector on the right and drop it directly into the Outliner in the left pane, creating a new document.

If that is what you want to do, then no, it doesn’t seem that Scriv currently supports that direct an approach. Comments cannot be dragged & dropped into the Outliner. Selecting the text in a Comment and trying to drag & drop it into the Outliner also doesn’t work. The same challenges apply to the Corkboard.

What does work is the following process:

  1. Select & copy (Ctrl-C) the relevant text in the Comment.

  2. In the Outliner, create a new document by clicking the document above the desired spot and pressing enter.

  3. Paste the copied text (Ctrl-V) into the new document’s title and press Esc.

You can use a similar approach with the Corkboard, by copying text from a Comment and pasting it into the title of a new document.

Again, these are the steps on Windows Scriv. Mac may be slightly different.


Once you have selected the text of a comment, you can drop it right in the binder.

I just tried in the outliner as suggested by @gr, but it seems to not be working in the Windows version. You’d need to do as rather explained by @JimRac.

[Edit] @gr’s advice actually works. Except that it is not the textual content of the comment that in this case needs to be dropped in the outliner, but rather the word (or group of words) to which it is attached in the editor.

I don’t know if it is truly what you want though. It actually creates a new document, ok, but with the initial word(s) in the editor, and the comment in the inspector…
Where dropping the comment’s textual content in the binder creates a new document, but with the comment as its body text.


Note that it made a copy of the comment as the body text of the newly created document. The original comment is still present in the source document.

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@gr 's suggestion really does work (on OP’s MacOS) even when the source text is in Inspector comments. Don’t drag the comment object, select and drag the text of the comment into the outline.

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Thank you for your reply, Jim!

The process you describe is exactly what I ended up doing. It worked, but intuitively I first tried dragging and dropping.

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Hey Vincent,
Thank you for this great response! I can indeed drag and drop the text into the binder, but it appears I cannot do so into a collection (in the binder) which is what I was originally trying to do. Furthermore, when I view the collection in outliner it does not let me drag and drop text there.

  • Dan

I think the reason is that a collection is a list of aliases to the Binder documents, not a list of documents per se. That is why you can move them around without changing the Binder order until you commit the new order.

HTH :slight_smile: