Drag and Drop configuration

I had a really hard time figuring out drag and drop in Scrivener, switching from Windows to Mac (Yosemite). I finally figured out that you have to wait 5 seconds before the cursor will change, allowing dragging. (I’ve counted - 4 s is too short, it has to be 5.)

This is pretty tedious if, for example, you are trying to drag and drop lots of snippets of text into table cells. :frowning:

The pointer change isn’t nearly as long outside of Scrivener, e.g. Pages. It seems to take only a second of holding before you get the pointer.

Is this configurable somewhere? (I hope!)

It sounds to me as though there is perhaps something else going on, as you shouldn’t have to wait that long. There is a small delay on the Mac in general, it biases reselection over dragging, but like you saw in Pages, that delay is very short and more along the lines of something that require a little acclimation, rather than something you have to wait for. That’s how it should be anyway.

Does this delay happen everywhere, or just from a few areas of the interface? I’d be especially curious to hear if it happens from the index card in the Inspector, which is a basic plain-text view, or a simplified editing view like Document Notes, QuickReference panels or the Project Notes window.

I did a few tests, and it seems like it’s within any text editor. Project and document notes, as well as the index cards, all had the delay before I could drag.

Non-text actions, like moving within the binder, or dragging index cards, happens immediately.

The main text editors in Scrivener are based on the same engine used by TextEdit. Especially in the main view, there are considerable enhancements built on top of it—and sometimes those can cause performance drain, especially with some visual options like Page View layout—but fields like the plain-text index cards are just standard Mac text fields, probably much like the one you typed into to post on the forum if you used Safari. That’s why it’s strange that there would be any discrepancy at all.

Maybe try in TextEdit and see if it is much different? Pages may not be a good place to test as it doesn’t use the same text engine that the rest of the Mac world gets to use.

At any rate in the meanwhile, I would find good old Cmd-X (cut) and Cmd-C (paste) to be vastly superior to drag and drop if there is any noticeable delay like this.

Managed to try in TextEdit, and the drag and drop was ‘normal’, in that the mouse pointer changed pretty immediately when I clicked and held.

It seems like this is specific to Scrivener. (Or maybe just to me. :slight_smile:)

I’ll keep cutting and pasting for now, but I’m very curious if any other Yosemite users have encountered this issue.

Just to extend the matter slightly, apart from Yosemite itself, what sort of Mac are you running it on, how much memory does it have and how much HD space, and what else do you have running at the same time as Scrivener? Yosemite is very resource hungry, especially the graphics side of it, so, for instance, this 2010 MacBook Air, with only 2GB RAM is rather memory-challenged now I’m running Yosemite.


Mr X

I don’t click, hold, and then drag.

I select the text I want, take my fingers off the trackpad for a fraction of a second while the text is still selected/highlighted, and then touch the trackpad again immediately to complete a three-finger drag. (Similar with a mouse.) Works instantly.

Very strange - there’s absolutely zero code in Scrivener that handles dragging text. It’s all handled by Apple code, exactly the same code as is in TextEdit. So I can’t think of any reason you’d see different behaviour between the two apps, and no one else has reported anything like it (needless to say, it’s always worked fine for me). Do you have any utility apps installed that might be interfering somehow?

Sometimes it helps to diagnose issues on another user account on your Mac. Either try another one if you have others, or create a new one specifically. You can always delete it after.

I am having this problem now for the first time after updating to the newest version of Scrivener the day before yesterday. I have El Capitan version 10.11.5 (up to date), and Scrivener version 2.8.

I never realized how often I drag and move highlighted text when I write. Now that it’s impossible to do with my touchpad (only works with cut/paste keyboard shortcuts or edit commands) I realize how crucial it is to being able to write.

Are others experiencing this problem after the update?

Also-- the same problem is happening on BOTH my Macs, and it doesn’t happen in Word on either one. But I just checked and it DOES happen in Gmail ‘compose’ box on Chrome on both computers (which I am pretty sure is also new). Does this signify a problem with El Capitan?

*edited to add: Apparently OS wasn’t up to date. Updating El Capitan to 10.11.6 now. Will see if that fixes problem.

You would need to cross-check in standard Mac software, like TextEdit or Mail. I highly doubt that Microsoft is using the standard text drag and drop frameworks like we are, seeing as how their text engine is 100% their own thing. For that same reason I would not suspect Chrome of being a good indicator, it could be that software just has its own issues that are independent of what is happening in Scrivener or the Mac in general. I could be wrong however, I don’t know precisely how these things are programmed, but generally speaking cross-platform software does its own thing.

As Keith noted above, utilities may be interfering—particularly those that might be modifying how the mouse works, such as BetterTouchTool. The above advice to check on a temporary Mac account that isn’t running your typical selection of software in the background is a good way to check for that.