Drag and Drop Doc Refs to oblivion

This is what I get for experimenting. But then, how would we find bugs if we didn’t experiment?

So, I had created two document references in document A. Document A was current in the Editor and I had selected “Document References”, so I could see the listing of the references. But I decided I didn’t want the references in document A; I wanted them in document B. So I was thinking if I needed to recreate them in document B or if there was a way to copy them. Hmmm. Then I had an idea. (When I get ideas like this, be afraid, be very afraid.) I said “Self,” I said, “maybe, just maybe, you’re able to drag a reference to a different document using drag-and-drop. Try it.” (And somewhere, the Gods were laughing.)

So I tried it. I dragged a document reference from the “Document References” widget in document A to the icon of document B in the Binder. I was happy to see the reference in the “Document References” widget in document A disappear. But when I clicked on the icon of document B in the Binder, I was dismayed to see that the document reference from document A was not there.

Since the reference in the “Document References” widget in document A disappeared, this is a flashy way to delete document references without having to worry about silly stuff that gets in your way like “Do you really want to delete this document reference” and such. :slight_smile:

But I really think it is a bug. And if you were in a good mood, you could also consider this bug report a feature request to implement moving document references between documents via drag-and-drop.

Just FYI that this has been fixed for the 025 beta. Thanks for the report.