drag and drop document containing PDF from the Binder to the editor: how to insert link instead of PDF itself

This question refers to drag and drop from the Binder to the Editor within Scrivener (not from Finder)
I often drag and drop documents from the Binder into the current document editor to insert links to those documents instead of using copy link → add link etc. It’s very convenient.
My problem is that when I drag and drop a Scrivener document from the Binder which is a PDF file, it inserts the PDF into the current editor window instead of the link, which is absolutely not what I want.
Is there any configuration setting which would allow me to generate a link when a PDF document in the Binder is dragged and dropped ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

Looking at all the the menu options I see, along with doing some “right mouse clicking”, I don’t see a way to insert links to web pages. Maybe I’m missing something. Frankly,not something I ever considered doing either. I prefer to have the documents “fixed” as I read them, not as they may be in the future when I go to the URL.

They have “Research Files as Aliases…” but that refers to making a “pointer” (aliases) to file system files.

If you really want to collect research files as URL’s for your writing project, you’ll need a different tool or technique.

: Use a browser to save the bookmark into a hierarchical list
: Consider DEVONthink which does that sort of thing (may be over-kill for you but it is something I use routinely)
: Probably other tools and techniques.

thank you for your reply, but it has no relation to my question. There must be a misunderstanding.

PDFs are considered to be images by the text editor. This is on account of how they make for an excellent portable vector format; good for equations, textual illustrations and so forth. So that’s why it works the way it does, and since they are treated as images, they can be linked to using the same exact approach you would use to link to an image in the editor: Drag and drop with the Option key held down.

Thank you Ioa for a crystal clear explanation and solution.

Opt-Drag and Drop works.

I don’t know if it’s a little bug: when I drag and drop a PDF (which I understand is equivalent to an image), it does create a link to the PDF which is what I want, but it automatically navigates to that PDF in both the Binder and the Current Editor, forcing me to navigate back to the original document in which I was inserting the link to PDF document.

That’s a quirk in how events are registered when using modifier keys and clicks. In most cases I find it best to add modifier keys after clicking and holding, since modifier keys can often trigger different events on click, in various programs. A regular click and drag on the other hand is often quite passive, not changing the selection or even raising the background window you clicked from—in most native software, the source area you drag from receives no events from the mouse, it all happens at the drop location. Adding modifiers while dragging does not change that effect.

Or you could use Scrivener’s Bookmarks. There’s a whole section about them in the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.

(Not the question the OP asked, but others may be interested.)


extremely interesting. It works pefectly and I will keep in mind with other apps

thanks very much

Ioa, may I quote your very interesting comment in the keyboard maestro forum ?

Sure, with the caveat that my remark glosses over the technical details for the sake of a clear description. In cases where it really matters to get the details right, here’s the full picture. :slight_smile: