Drag and drop drops font

Confirmed mighygitis’s spell-check fix by going under Window Seven’s skirt and deleting all Scrivener backup files in program files, which gave me back my lovely little red wavedly line (”Yes, my precious… they can’t take you away!” Err… Harummph)

I decided to turn in my first impressions of 1.4 …

    So far, this has proved to be an (select one of the previous/following:) 
   (a. Excellent, 
   (b. Outstanding, 
   (c. Wondermus story-writing tool for a  story-writing fool.  

… and go on working. They’ll fix it. Been doing a great job so far, just great.

However, I came upon another unrelated problem. I don’t know if my email client will keep the font, (Nope–email ‘corrected’ the font) but when I dragged and dropped the words “So far, this has proved to be an (select one of the previous/following:),” the font for the words ‘(select one of the previous/following:),’ changed from Plantagenet 13 back to MS Shell Dlg 2.

I put this in bug report rather than ‘new version 1.4’ – don’t remember seeing it in the old 1.3 problems…