drag and drop export

Hi Keith,

Is there a way to drag-and-drop export of a document OUT of Scrivener? I have a Scrivener project for a thesis, and I needed to quickly email some notes from that project to someone. Couldn’t drag-and-drop out, like I can drag-and-drop in.

Am I missing it? And if not, any hope for that modification at some point?


Hi talazem,

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. It was on my list, but it’s actually quite complicated. The problem is that things like folders don’t actually exist inside Scrivener, so they need creating on the drop. There is technology for doing this in Cocoa (as of Tiger), but I looked into it and it’s not as straightforward as it should be. So, the official answer is that this may well make it into a future version of Scrivener, but not any time soon, I am afraid.

Thanks and all the best,