Drag-and-drop file importing, please!

So you can’t even drag images from Finder into Scrivener? I’d try reinstalling Scrivener at this point, if you haven’t already. There shouldn’t be any good reason for why dragging from the desktop wouldn’t work.

Other trouble-shooting steps you might take:
First, Create a new project, and attempt to drag images from various sources into the research folder; if that works, then it’s an issue with your current project.

The next thing to try, if that doesn’t pan out, is to create a new user account. In the System Preferences app, go to Users & Groups, click the lock icon in the lower left corner. Once you’ve entered your password, you can click the plus sign near the lock to create a new standard account. Then click on your name/the head & shoulders icon in the menu bar to select the new account & log in. (Once you are done, just go back there and delete the account to clean things up)
Start Scrivener, create a new project, try everything again. Also, if you can make a copy of your troublesome project, try using that copy to test drag & drop in your new account. That will tell you if it’s something to do with your Scrivener settings on your main account, or something in your project.

Thanks, both.

New project - same thing. New account - same thing.

I’ll try reinstalling Scrivener another day (been a bit of a long day to do it today!).

Could you perhaps post a video showing the issue, just in case we can get any clues from it?

Yes, with pleasure.

I’ve put it here:
dl.dropbox.com/u/24738735/scriv … agdrop.mov

Please let me know when you’ve downloaded it so I can remove it.


If a picture is worth 1000 words, then how much is a video?

Try dragging to a position in the binder, not into the editor area. That should solve your problem.

And before you say it: No, you’re not [insert self-depricating insult of your choice]. No one said anything about dragging into the binder from outside of scrivener. We’re all the blame.

Aha! That does indeed work. :slight_smile:

I would prefer to drop into the main area, as it’s less fiddly, so consider that a minor request for a future version, but dropping to the binder is much easier than importing!

Dropping into the corkboard and outliner is something already on the list of things to look in to. For now, note you can just drop anywhere in the blue binder area. You don’t have to get it pixel perfect. So if you’re collecting a dozen images from a site, you can just lump them all at the bottom and move them together to the right spot once you are done.

Alternatively, if you’re just importing into one folder in the binder, you can select it, use Documents/Hoist to isolate the binder on just the contents of that folder, and then drop the images anywhere in the binder. Once you are done, use Documents/Unhoist to get back to the default view. Naturally, that option wouldn’t work as well if you tend to import stuff into a variety of folders.

Cool - thanks, all!