Drag and drop footnotes?

Hello! Thank you, as always, for a great product that does far more than I’ll ever learn to do.

The papers I write tend to have an absolute ton of footnotes and I often cite to the same source more than once. Would any feature of scrivener allow me to “drag and drop” footnotes? In my mind I envision something like Scrivener links, where if I drag something from the “Research” area to my paper it turns into a footnote with the title (I’ll happily format the title to be my citation or something). Even better, if I would somehow create meta-data for the document I have in my research and then do something similar to “Insert Scrivener Link” and instead insert that meta-data text as a footnote, that would be awesome. Is there an easy way to do this (or something like it) currently? Or is the easiest way going to be to copy and paste from a document in “project notes” or in a separate text page?