Drag and drop from Collection repositions editor *one time*

Greetings Scriv Team

If we display a Collection, and attempt to drag an item from it into Doc References, we’ll reposition the editor to the dragged item. Not ideal, because Scriv should distinguish a drag from a click. But not a bug, since we can lock the Inspector and Editor panes to keep the active doc as destination.

But now let’s try dragging another item from the same collection. This time, the editor and inspector will not be repositioned in the drag. In fact we can reposition the editor by any other means: the Back arrow, a Scriv Link, or clicking in the collection. But the editor and inspector will not again be repositioned by a drag from the collection. Until we load a new collection. Then we’ll experience the repositioning again, the first time we drag.

Of course I’d prefer the editor not reposition on a Collection (or Outliner or Binder) drag, but the bug is in the inconsistency.

Rgds – Jerome