Drag and Drop from Outliner to work as Binder's does?

Greetings –

If we drag a document from the Outliner with the objective of dropping it in as a doc reference, we’ll find that Scrivener is adamant in moving the Inspector’s pointer to the doc being dragged. If we want to keep the Inspector target in place, clicking on its Lock icon is not sufficient, as that locks the Inspector only to a particular editing pane. So, to drag from an outliner to a stationary Inspector target, we must line up our destination in the other editor pane, make it active, then lock.

Dragging a document from the Binder has a different touch to it, at least in Windows. In the Binder, Scrivener more artfully distinguishes a click from a drag, moving the editor and Inspector pointers only upon the release of the mouse button. So dragging to a stationary Inspector is effortless.

I’m wondering whether the Outliner’s dragging algorithm might incorporate the same sophistication as the Binder’s. Or perhaps Ctrl-Drag, typically used to multi-select, might logically be set to leave all other panes as stationary destinations.

Thanks for considering!

Rgds – Jerome