Drag and Drop image function failed in 1.3.3/Newly purchased license (1.3.3) cannot be used on previous version (1.3.2)

Dear all,
I previously purchased Scapple from App Store.

After updating to version 1.3.3, I experienced the lost in drag and drop image function just like some other users on the forum. I could use the drag and drop image function yesterday (on 1.3.2) and the macOS has always been 10.14.5, so I think it is not the problem of finder nor macOS, it is a bug on 1.3.3.

The workaround provided in the other post is too time consuming (directly copy and paste from other programs) and it does not auto fit into Scapple just as before. (I import quite a lot of photos into Scapple)

So i decided to purchase a new license from L&L site and try to get back to 1.3.2.

And I cannot.

It seems that the 3rd party platform has changed and the activation method has changed too? I did not receive both a serial number name and serial number that are required by 1.3.2, I only received a serial number from paddle, which does not include the serial number name.

It worked on 1.3.3(download from the email from paddle), though, but my purpose was to downgrade and get back 1.3.2.

I thought I can pay one more time and solve the problem, but I cannot.

I really liked how the Scapple works…

I hope both of the problems can be resolved soon.

Hi @all, I just reported this as a bug report and linked to this thread. Lets hope for a quick fix!