Drag and Drop Image Importing from the Web

I love Scrivener, but I have one (hopefully) small request that would make it a lot more pleasant to use for research: I would like to be able to drag and drop images from web sites and have them show up as “Polaroids”, the way images dragged from a folder do now.

I’m working on a few projects that require visual reference, and it’s a bit annoying to have to save the image to my hard drive, and then drag it into Scrivener in order to get the polaroid look.

This seems like it shouldn’t be too much trouble, but I’m not a programmer so I really don’t know.

By the way, would it also be possible to drag and drop things onto the cork board to import them, rather than having to target the folder in the sidebar? Less of an inconvenience, but still a bit annoying.


I am looking into importing web files such as images directly from the internet for the next version. It’s on the list, but I can’t promise anything in case it turns out to be more complicated than I anticipate, as I don’t want to direct too much development effort towards download-manager-style features as that’s not a core feature. However, I am hopeful that it shouldn’t be too difficult, as I looked into it cursorily only the other day.

As for importing stuff into the corkboard - I’m not sure about that. It’s something else on my list to look at, but it would mean extending the import architecture to the corkboard and outliner and makes the internals more complicated. So, again, something I’m going to look at but I can’t promise one way or another until I look at it properly.

Thanks for your suggestions and all the best,

Great, hopefully at least the web importing will work out, that’d be a killer feature for me. I know this stuff’s more complicated than it looks from the outside (“all you have to do is…” yeah right), I’m just glad it’s being looked at.

I’ll be looking forward to 1.2 eagerly (and still getting plenty done with 1.11 in the mean time, of course).

That would be a great feature. I’ve got a nice workaround for that at the moment: I use Yep! to make PDF files of webpages and import those in Scrivener as research items. I do the same with powerpoint presentations: converting them to pdf in OpenOffice and then importing them into Scrivener.

Thought that this link would be helpful as I remembered it helped me attaching some photos to the cork:

I second this request! My web research constantly comes across PDF files online and I have to save them to my desktop or another folder before I can import them. When you are in the zone and really focusing, you just want to grab what you see and get it into your scrivener research folder.

This would be a great great help for a lot of us, I’m sure, and would be an awesome addition to 2.0.



You’ll be pleased to hear that this is already implemented in 2.0. :slight_smile:

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Great app, thanks! I very much like orderly text and images when I am working, but when I input images at present (v. 1.53) they are imported at whatever size they may happen to be, which means I am always having to resize them. Since your slider offers no absolute numbers and I like consistency, I end up dropping them into imagewell and typing in a consistent value, like 360 or the 480 I use for my blogging, and then drag the image into Scrivener. As it happens, I’m also a Notebook user, which offers a fixed thumbnail image-in-a-box import, which I like because when writing I want only a thumbnail but also have the original to resize to fit whatever blog size I’ll eventually be using. That is, I think of Scrivener not as a word processor, but as a composer, and for images that means consistency (and likely thumbnails to serve as a reminder of the image) is more important then appearance. Does this sorta make sense? I feel rather obsessive-compulsive when writing this, but as it happens I’m just leaving images out of my Scrivener drafts because they require too many steps to import consistently. Maybe putting an absolute value onto your resizing sliders, like 100, 200, 300 … would work? Great app, really, the writerly concept I hadn’t thought of but now recognize immediately, and I find writing with it one of the most fluid things. Also, I’m an old typesetter and have always loved Optima, but I’ve not used it for writing ever: you’ve got it working here wonderfully, it is elegant, sets a wonderful tone to the business, I welcome seeing it and seeing my writing carried elegantly by it. Thanks! -Bruce