Drag and Drop Images from Binder onto Text Document

Thought I’d found the answer to this awhile ago, but can’t find it now:

I want to drag a set of images from the binder (imported from the file system) onto the page of a text document and have them placed as images rather than links.

If I do this one-at-a-time it works OK, but if I try it with a group selection then they are placed as links. I have many images to place so perhaps, I thought, if I hold down a key or keys while I’m dragging/dropping that might work - but I can’t figure it out. The documentation covers pure keyboard shortcuts, but I can’t find tips on mouse/keyboard combos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Smith

I’m afraid there’s no way to do this with multiple images, only one at a time. The reason for this is that in order to drag images into a text area, there either needs to be a list of files or image data on the dragging pasteboard. Scrivener places image data on the pasteboard, but that can only be used for a single image; if it placed the file names on the pasteboard, it would be possible to drag files out of the project and thus corrupt the project.

All the best,