Drag and drop images made things hinky

I did this a few times to make sure it was Scrivener that was causing the problems.

I had an image on my desktop, an open browser, and scrivener. I dragged and dropped the image into my research folder. Everything seemed to be fine but my mouse stopped working correctly until I closed scrivener.

version .49

Did your mouse stop responding entirely? Did it go off in the wrong direction? Did it not take clicks? I’ve never seen this or seen another report so as many details as you can provide (or a screencast if that will demonstrate the issue) would be great!

What Windows version are you using, what browser was open, and are you on an admin or standard account (with Scrivener installed as admin or standard)?

And also, if it is a guinea pig instead of a mouse (no tail), when was the last time you changed its batteries?

Today I did some experimenting and I think I’ve narrowed down the problem. I was in gmail chat yesterday too (in the background). I think it was the really problem. I noticed it was lagging but didn’t put it together. Today it is running without issues and I can’t reproduce it.

It was weird because that was the only action that caused the problem. The mouse moved but didn’t click. But nothing today.