drag and drop import on mac?

Hi im new to scrivener, and i want to know how i can drag and drop a file onto the Dock Scrivenor icon so that it will import the file into my scrivener?

I know i can drop it on the application once its in front, but what about when its hidden?
switching and losing my desktop is frustrating.

is there a way to just drag n drop import quickly?


Unfortunately you can’t do that because Scrivener is a multi-file capable program. It is possible to have several projects open simultaneously, so a drop on the global Dock icon would say nothing about where that file is supposed to go. Are you using Snow Leopard though? One thing Apple added is that if you hover the file over the application icon in the Dock for a second or two, it will pop up a little Expose interface for you and you can then drop the item right into the precise project window you wish to import the file into. What you need to do, after this interface comes up, is tap the spacebar while hovering over the right window, this will bring it to the front, then you can drop the item precisely where it should go in the binder.

If you aren’t using Snow Leopard, you can use regular Expose to do this same trick, it’s just a little less focussed in how it works. It’s a good tool to familiarise yourself with at any rate, as it can make sense of an otherwise messy session.

Nice tip! :slight_smile:

yes, great tip! thanks