Drag and drop import?

I’ve only just started using Scrivener…

I could have sworn that I dragged a pdf file onto a research binder and there it is - import through drag and drop.

Now that doesn’t work although I can import through the menu.

So guys…

can i import by dragging a file into scrivener?
If so why isn’t it working?

What file type are you trying to import via drag and drop? Only text files are able to go into the Draft folder, so if you’re working with a PDF or other media, make sure that you’re dropping somewhere outside of the Draft.

Sorry - somehow failed to submit my response…

it is a pdf into the research folder - I was wondering if I have changed the properties of the folder somehow?

I am pretty sure you can drag a pdf into the research folder. I do it all the time. However, you need to drag it on the binder, not on the editor (say, if you are using the corkboard view). I think it’d be better to be able to drag it on the corkboard view of the editor (bigger target area) but apparently that’s not possible