Drag and drop not working.

So the topic is pretty much what it says. I can’t drag anything on Scrivener right now. I am using a free trial, so that might have something to do with it. But I need the drag tool to work because I can’t drag any and when I try to, it’s like selecting all the parts of my binder instead of letting me move one individual item. Also I can’t drag images to the index cards as well. Please let me know how to fix this! The drag tool is a necessity! :confused:

This isn’t related to being in trial mode; the trial simply means there’s a time lock on it, which is removed if you register with a licence. If the drag and drop problem persists after closing and reopening Scrivener, it sounds like there may be something else on the system conflicting with this. I’ve seen this behaviour working on a VM and running a screen recording tool, for instance. I’m guessing neither of those applies to you, but I’d try disabling your usual start up items via msconfig and rebooting, then launching Scrivener in that cleaner environment and see if it helps. If the drag and drop is working then, you can start re-enabling the other programs in batches until it breaks and narrow down from there to see which is causing the conflict.