Drag and Drop notes between Folders/Chapters within Scrivener?

Dear Forum,

since a long time I am struggling with the following:

I creating notes in my Drafts folder. Later I want to move the note into a chapter. I know that I can right click and select “move” , but I prefer drag and dropping becuase I have many folders and subfolders.

What I am doing currently in order to drag an drop is: 1) Turn on Binder Selection effects left editor 2) Find the Folder I want to drag and drop to and select it 3) Turn off Binder Selection effects left editor 3) Go the the note in the drafts folder 4) Sleect the note and drag and drop it to the opened folder in the left editor.

Can you think of any faster way of doing this? Sadly I cannot cut and paste the notes the only thing I can do is copy & paste and delete the note afterwards in the drafts folder.
I would be happy if you could suggest me another solution. Thanks!

Why can’t you just click and hold on document A in the Binder and drag it to position B in the Binder? This works just the way it does in the Finder: there’s really no need to complicate matters with split editors.

Am i misunderstanding what you’re trying to do?


yes you understood what I want to achieve. Your solution works fine if you have a small number of folders and subolfers. However I have hundrerds of folders ans subfolders with a lot of notes. It is too cumbersome to remeber their position and to scroll down while holding drag an drop. It is too confusing and a hard task to do for several notes from the outline with hundreds of folders and subfolders.

Fair enough. How about this?

Assuming that all the targets are in the Drafts/Manuscript folder and the Notes are all in the Research folder — obviously, adjust as necessary.

What you need to is to have a three pane setup (though you can hide the Binder after the setup is complete).

Left pane: Binder set to show at least the Draft and Research folders — the level of collapse doesn’t matter as once you’ve set it all up you won’t be using the Binder and can hide it.

Middle pane: Fully expanded Outline view of the Drafts folder, set to both ‘Lock Group view mode’ and ‘Lock in Place’

Right pane: 'Full expanded Outline view of the Research folder, again set to both ‘Lock Group view mode’ and ‘Lock in Place’

I.e. something like this:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 12.16.49.jpg[/attachment]

Now you can scroll through the Draft outline on the left till you get to the correct target position, then simply drag the document to be moved from the right hand outline into its new position. All three panes will immediately reflect the new reality.

If you know the name of the target folder, then in the Draft outline just click cmd-F — it turns into a ‘search the outline for titles’ feature.


  1. From a single editor panel select the Drafts folder in the Binder and cmd-3 until it’s showing the outline.

  2. Right click on the header of the outline and choose ‘Lock in Place’ and ‘Lock Group View mode’.

  3. Click on a document. in the Draft outline and then cmd-9 (Expand all documents).

  4. Get rid of any columns you don’t need — especially make sure Synopses aren’t showing.

The outline is now functioning pretty much as a second binder for your targets. Now for the Research ‘sources’ folder.

  1. View > Editor Layout > Split Editor Vertically.

  2. Click inside the new right split to make sure it has the focus, then again on the Research folder in the Binder, and cmd-3 until it’s in outline mode.

  3. Follow steps 2 to 4 but using the right hand outline.

All you have to do now is look through the left hand outline to find the target, then drag the source to it from the right outline.

You don’t needs the binder anymore, so you can hide it if you need to save screen space.

Don’t forget to save this setup as a specific layout so you won’t have to go through it all in future: Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts ( cmd-) ). You can even give your named new layout a shortcut.


If you have the file of notes open in the editor and the binder is visible, just drag the icon next to the file name above the editor to wherever you want it in the binder.

Does that not work as you need it to?


Thank you this solution brought me to a new idea and now I can achieve what I was asking for. Thank you!

You’re very welcome! I’m glad it helped.