Drag and drop PDF files?

Hi everyone,

I just installed Scrivener and I’m having problems with the Interactive Tutorial. I am hoping that one of you could help me.

I was reading the Tutorial at Step 1, where it says (from memory) that you can drag and drop PDF files onto the reader/editor page. I did that, and and the PDF file appeared on the Step 1 page itself, and I couldn’t figure out how to remove the PDF file from the page, so I clicked on the red restriction/delete button. I accidentally did this to a number of pages (Steps 1-3) and had to delete them, but I can’t retrieve them at all, because all I can see are the PDF files covering the instructions. My question is:

  • How do I remove PDF files from the editor page if I’ve accidentally dragged and dropped it there?
  • Is there any way I can download a fresh Interactive Tutorial document?

Also, because of all this mess I made, Part 1: Basics is completely blank! How can I retrieve it again?

I think I stuffed this tutorial up. Apologies in advance for my noobness. Thank you so much for your kind assistance.