Drag-and-Drop Possible: WINE<-->X?

Is it possible to drag and drop text from an application running under X (say, Zotero Standalone) to an application running under WINE (say, Scrivener?). It does not happen for me, but I gather that in some instances drag and drop across the two does work for some. Thx, k

P.S. The reason that I can’t use native Scrivener in Linux is because in some instances footnotes go bye-bye under the latest release. Bad for researchers . . . .

Quick aside re. your PS - I sometimes lose footnotes with cut and paste on Linux on Linux, but I find they always come back if I undo and paste a second time - I found it easier to do that than to switch to WINE.

Thx. I re-explored the footnote problem just now. I find that when pasting to match formatting, the footnotes go bye-bye. If I do a simple paste, they seem to stay intact. I can’t recall if I was losing them under other circumstances as well, though. Perhaps the Linux “update” that follows the upcoming windows update will catch this issue too. Hint-hint-hint-hint-hint . . . hint-hint.

Forgive me for developing further this caveat: even within the same document I cannot by any method cut and paste a string containing footnotes without losing the footnotes. Copy and paste works with certain methods [CTRL-V]. Pasting twice, as mentioned above, also inserts the footnote with the second operation.

Last time I tried, it was hit or miss. It depends on your desktop, I think. (KDE worked, others not so much. I haven’t tried everything.) There are ways to tweak it, I’m told: wiki.winehq.org/FileManager