Drag and drop produces changes to line-spacing and typeface

Selecting and dragging a word, a phrase, a clause, or a sentence and then dropping it to a new location within existing text adds to the line-spacing of the line of text that is the target. As well, in that new location, the space ahead of the dropped text changes its typeface to Helvetica, which seems to be the cause of the increase in line-spacing. The line-spacing number itself (1.5) does not change, but because the height of the letters in the Helvetica font is greater than that of the letters of the surrounding Palatino at the same size of typeface, the space now assigned the Helvetica typeface adds vertical space to the line-spacing. And of course, if I type into that space, which I often do, the words appear in Helvetica and not Palatino.

I’ve examined Scrivener’s Preferences to see if this change in typeface and line-spacing is due to an existing Preference setting, but have found none. Perhaps I missed it.

This unusual behaviour began with Scrivener 2.0. All of the text in which this unusual behaviour can occur was created with version 1.54 and then opened in the new version of Scrivener.

Currently, I’m using Scrivener 2.0.2. The computer is a Mac G4, operating with OS X 10.5.8.

I believe this issue has been addressed in the forthcoming 2.0.3 release (at least, I’m having problems reproducing it in a 2.0.3 test build). The current way to avoid it is to disable Smart Copy/Paste in the Editor prefs pane. This will temporarily fix the Helvetica issue. Once the fix comes out, you can turn that feature back on.

Thanks, Ioa.