Drag and Drop question

I have been dragging and dropping some RTF files from DEVONthink into Scrivener 1.5 and losing the titles of the files from DEVONthink once they are dropped. In place of the file names are the first few lines of the document. Is there any way to keep the file names? Thanks.

This should be working just fine (does for me using DTP2 anyway). How are you dragging them over? From one of the file lists in DT, or by grabbing the text and dragging it over? Scrivener will create new documents if you drop text into the Binder in just the fashion you describe.

I am dragging it from the file names into the Binder. It creates a new document, but the title of the document doesn’t transfer over and for the title is substituted the first lines of the document. I am not using DT 2.0, but I am not sure if that should make a difference.

It might make a difference. I get the exact same behaviour as you pitman when dragging files from DT 1 in Scriv. Perhaps it’s time to spend $20 to upgrade to DT 2.

Isn’t DT 2.0 still in Beta? I have 1.5.4. I’ll download the beta and see what happens.

Yes, it is still in beta (and thus “free” for the moment). It is a commitment to upgrading if you use DT at all, though, because they have radically changed the database format. Once you adopt there is no going back.