drag-and-drop started having big lag

I’ve been using Scrivener for years now, including lots of dragging and dropping. But in the last month or two, the d-and-d function has become balky. When the program opens, it works fine. But then I noticed that only a minute after launching, the d-and-d wouldn’t work. In the last few days now, I’ve noticed something more: If I hold the mouse down on the text to be dragged for a long time, something like 20 or 30 seconds, it works. The only other way to make it work is to restart Scrivener.

Anyone know what’s going on with this?

Whenever the mouse starts to act weird on a Mac, the first thing to do is disable any utilities that may be messing with it, such as mouse button binding tools, BetterTouchPad, etc. If you aren’t positive what all may impact the mouse, then perform a safe boot and test Scrivener with no other software running. As you work, gradually add the utilities you use on a regular basis and continue testing as you do so. When the problem starts up again, you should have a good idea which utility you launched recently. I would try turning it off again and see if the problem immediately goes away.

Another way to test is to make a new account on your Mac, copy your project over, and work there for a bit—again running only what is absolutely necessary, and optimally nothing but Scrivener. If the problem vanishes, you know it is something in your system or user configuration.

Beyond third-party conflicts, there isn’t anything specifically in Scrivener that would cause this. It doesn’t mess with how your mouse or trackpad works at all. It just listens to what the operating system requests, through your actions.