Drag-and-drop text editing

I am trying to convince myself about writing my next manuscript in Scrivener instead of Word. A key feature that I am not been able to find anywhere is drag-and-drop text editing. I use it all the time, and can’t just write efficiently without it. It is the only efficient way to reorder words in a sentence quickly. I tried double clicking and dragging a word in Scrivener but nothing happens. Word has a Preference setting to activate this feature. Could someone please let me know how to activate this in Scrivener? I looked at the Preferences but did not find it. Such an awesome piece of software must surely has this feature. I just can’ find it. Thanks!

Drag and drop editing works fine for me. I cannot imagine it would not work for you. Just set the cursor anywhere inside the already-selected text, click, hold, move to where you want, release the mouse button. There might be a slight delay and you are doing it too fast?

Otherwise there is something really wrong with your installation of Scrivener or your OS.

  • asotir

Thanks. I have now been able to do it. The key difference is in “hold”. I needed to hold the pressed mouse button longer, until the cursor turns back to the arrow, to do it. It takes a couple of seconds for this to happen in Scrivener. It is instant in Word. That’s why I thought this feature was not there. Thanks for the help.

I find mousing to be less precise than using keyboard shortcuts, and definitely slower. Perhaps if you do a lot of cutting and pasting, you could learn the keyboard shortcuts for cut (CMD-X) or copy (CMD-C) and paste (CMD-V).

Don’t say… Cut and paste? Hmmm… never heard.