Drag & Drop Binder Folders

I’ve started up a secondary project to restructure certain ideas and in doing so I attempted to drag and drop the folders from my previous project. I’ve done this before with no issues, however this time, it only drags the root folder but none of the children documents. I uninstalled and reinstalled (2.0) to make sure that it wasn’t connected to upgrading without a previous uninstall, but that didn’t seem to work. I’ve had a look and apart from the 1.7 update enabling what I presume that I want to do, I’ve not been able to find any other reference to this problem.

Additionally, trying to move a folder and its contents by selecting all of them (shift-click) and dragging them over to the new project does not retain the hierarchy and in fact destroys the order, as the container document is moved to the last in the copied list. So e.g. moving folder A with subdocuments ordered B, C, D will result in the flat list B, C, D, A in the new project binder.

Win XP pro SP3, beta 2.0