drag, drop, copy ... doesn't always work

In v 3.06 (1502), I understand that dragging and dropping from one editor to another (from source to destination), while holding down Option, should copy the dragged text to the new editor. Instead, it only drags it. Then, if I undo the drag (CMD-Z), it restores the text in the source editor and leaves the copied text in place in the destination editor.

At other times in the same project file, it does work as it’s supposed to: copies the text from the source, leaving it in place, and leaves a copy in the destination.

I do have “option-dragging creates duplicates” checked in preferences.

Is this a glitch? Or am I doing something wrong?

The option you are referring to in fact only refers to the dragging of whole items, not text. I did ask about whether or we could apply some sort of optional dragging behaviour to test, but I don’t think it would be easy to do.

So instead of a situational toggle, there is a preference right in the same pane where you found that other one: Delete text dragged to other areas.

You will need 3.0.2 for that feature—might want to double-check since I don’t think you have 3.0.6 installed. Not even I have that one installed yet. :slight_smile: