Drag/Drop Files in Binder Causes System Crash

Hi there,

I’m totally new to Scrivener and first want to say how excited I am about the program. I’ve been exploring various writing and reference management software packages the last several weeks and this is the first one that really speaks to my needs, so I was thrilled to see that it’s soon to be released for PCs. So much so that I decided to download the soon-to-expire beta version so I could go ahead and start seeing how it really works.

So here’s my system crash situation. I’m running beta version 026 on a Dell XPS M1210 laptop with Windows XP SP3. This afternoon I was working my way through the tutorial project (which is excellent by the way) and ran into a problem at the Part 2: Organisation, Step 8: Splits section. There’s an instruction to split the editor screen, and then drag/drop the “ThisIsBuzzAldrin” file from the Binder into the Header Bar of the top pane. When I went to do this, I suddenly got the blue screen of death with an error message telling me Windows was shutting down, and something about dumping physical memory. I hit and held the power button to turn the computer off. Waited a minute, and my computer powered up again without a glitch (including no windows shut down without closing warnings). I reopened Scrivener, went back to the same place, and this time tried to drag and drop the “Alhambra” file, thinking perhaps there was just something corrupt in the BuzzAldrin sound file. The computer immediately crashed again. I powered down and rebooted again. At this point I was too excited about what Scrivener can do to accept the notion that bugs might make it a dangerous program to actually use, so I closed the tutorial and created my first new project. The drag/drop into split screen feature isn’t essential for getting started, and at this point what I most wanted to know was whether playing around with my own files was going to generate system crashes. I used the nonfiction CMS template and started creating files and composing some draft text. Imported some existing MSWord files without a hitch. Then decided I wanted to put those into their own folder in the Binder. Created a new folder, then when I went to drag and drop the files into the folder, boom, my system crashed. So, I powered down and rebooted again. Reopened my new project, and was thrilled to see that it was all still there, down to the new folder I had just created. This time, instead of dragging and dropping, I moved the files into their new folder by right-clicking and selecting move to…

So, the moral of my story is that there’s something about the act of dragging and dropping items in/from the Binder that is making my computer really upset with Scrivener. Hoping this can fixed, as I’m really stoked about this program.


Hi Stephanie,

So sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier on this; I saw your report and I’ve emailed Lee about it, but I’m afraid I don’t have any brilliant ideas at the moment about why you’re getting this–Scrivener should work just fine on XP, so there’s definitely some bug here we need to track down!

First thing to check, are you up to date on all Windows system updates? I don’t think there should be a problem, since you’ve got SP3, but it’s worth a shot.

I’m glad you’re managing to enjoy Scrivener in spite of this setback! We’re definitely looking into this though to figure out the fix. Thanks for your interest in the program and your report!


Could I have you grab the crash info and paste it in here or send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? That could help Lee diagnose the problem. You should be able to get it by going into the Control Panel and selecting Administrative Tools>Computer Management. In the left panel of the window that comes up, open the outline structure to get System Tools>Event Viewer and select Application. A list of events, warnings, information, etc. will appear on the right, and you should be able to sort that by date and type to look for the most recent errors. Double-click the ones that are from when Scrivener crashed on you (the “source” column may say something like “Application Hang” and when you open it, the description of the event will reference Scrivener.exe), then use the copy button in the window that pops up to grab the report information and paste it (either into a post or into a text file). If you could also check for the crash reports under the “System” category in the tree and do the same thing to copy out the information, that would be great. Thank you!

I was glad to find out yesterday evening that Scrivener has now a stabilized version for Windows. I tested it one year ago and was very please with the soft except that I had some crash problem …

It is still the case today (on XP SP3) : I have a crash when I try to move an index card or do some drag&drop (but not in the binder).

I found nothing in the warning information but I have the Windows report I intercepted before it is sent (dump file and system data). Is it helpful ?

I would love to buy the soft as it can be very helpful for some specific work (and I may convince other people to use it). I will try this evening to install it on one of my home computer on XP to see if I have the same problem.

Let me know.