Drag & Drop from DEVONthink

Maybe this question belongs more to the DEVONthink forum. But I know a lot of Scrivener users are using DEVONthink as an information manager too so I give it a try here:

When I drag content from DEVONthink into a Scrivener project that has its origin in the internet, Scrivener always “understands” the file as a web page.

Say, I use the DEVONthink extension in Safari to create and store a PDF, a paginated PDF or even a Note (which is plain text) in DEVONthink. Or I print to PDF to DEVONthink. Then the proper (static) file format is saved in DEVONthink, and the info line above the displayed file holds its URL.

When I drag these files into Scrivener, somehow not the file but only the URL meta data is dragged and Scrivener opens the web page with that address.

Is there a way to change this behaviour? And on which side have the changes to be made?

From Together I can drag and drop without problem, only the URL (and other) meta data is lost in the process. It would be perfect if not only the files get transported properly but also the URLs automatically become document URLs in Scrivener.

In another thread, we’re discussing the “x links” that DT can transfer to Scrivener. They show as links (blue, underlined) in Scrivener. Click on them, and the relevant item from DT appears. You use the Edit: Copy Item Link command in DT, then paste at the appropriate location in Scrivener.

The advantage is that you don’t pack Scrivener with an overload of resources; the disadvantage is that you are running two programs and also need some screen estate…though you could park DT on the Dock.

The other thread is: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/link-from-external-into-scrivener/10550/5

This is down to how DT places the data on the paste board, as “promised files” rather than actual files, so Scrivener cannot read them. It may be possible in the future to do something about this, but it’s way down the list (it is on the list somewhere though).

Thanks to both of you. I’m just making first steps with DEVONthink and I found a lot of good things but also obstacles like this drag & drop thing. “Promised files” to me sound a bit like “You promised me files but all I got was this lousy URL” …

To work with linked files, as you suggested, druid, would turn my workflow upside down. I use Scrivener a lot for a monthly magazine. For every month I have a project, and the first step is to collect whatever I think might be worth it in an information manager (so far: Together, but it is getting slower, that’s why I went for DEVONthink).

Short before the deadline I drag everything from the information manager into Scrivener and look through it. What leads to a text stays in the project, the rest gets deleted. Also I delete all monthly files in the information manager. The projects are never that big and this way everything is kept together.

Just by accident I made a very interesting discovery: Like I wrote above, when you drag a PDF that is a web page printed to PDF from DEVONthink into Scrivener then instead of the PDF you get a web page with the URL of the PDF.

But the stress has to be on “a” – if you drag a PDF then you don’t get a PDF but a web page. If you drag more than one PDF they will stay PDFs!

Deadline in a few hours, back to work.