Drag & Drop Import?

Hi! Though I’ve been using Scrivener since the release of the beta (and loving it), I’m only now really putting effort into learning its use beyond the basic text editor. I’m definitely set on buying it, it’s helped me a lot in organizing the first draft of my current WIP novel.
Anyway. My problem is this: I can’t seem to import files by dragging them into Scrivener from my desktop. Whenever I try, my cursor changes to a stop/error-symbol, and nothing happens if I release. It doesn’t make a difference whether I hover over the binder or the editor. Manual import (file > import) works just fine, but I’d much prefer to drag&drop. I’ve tried with JPG and RTF files, none of them worked. I’m using the latest beta (046, I believe) and running Windows Vista. Is there some setting I’ve missed, or what am I doing wrong?

Try closing and restarting Scrivener. There’s a bug to do with the installer that prevents the drag and drop working properly at least on first launch; we’re working on getting that sorted out, but in the meanwhile a restart of Scrivener should fix that for you if this is the same bug.

That helped! X) Thank you very much.