Drag & Drop loses/mixes up data

I just created a Master Research folder that I can move (drag & drop)into whatever project I am working with.

Works great and saves a whole lot of folder clicking and resizing pages.
However, I can drag it to the other project and insert it in the Reference foldder but it is rather selective on what it decides to drop. The text in some files is often of another folder or file.

Is it possible the file “numbering” system is the cause of this or am I just not tuned in?




Don’t need a step by step ut is this a common issue or did I just mess up somehow??

Have actually dropped some work until I know yea or nay.


Can you describe in the most detail that you can your exact steps so we can try and recreate this bug please? Thanks.

I created another project in scrivener, All Research Project. This project consists primarily of one Master folder under the Research folder. This main folder contains subfolders and files in the conventional Windows manner. These folders and files are data, links, character profiles and general outlines, etc. of information I use in all of my writing projecets.

I open the project on which I wish to work along with the All Research project and drag this Master folder to the project on which I am working placing it under the Research folder.

When finished with it I merely delete it from the project I was working with.


When dragging do you select the sub folders and files as well. If you don’t they won’t be transferred across. Remember a folder in Scrivener can have text to so if you just select the main folder you are telling Scrivener that is all you want transferring across.

I collapsed the folder and dragged it to the Research folder in the open work project where I uncollpsed it. That part went okay but some of the files which appeared were not of that folder and some data did not make the trip.



Hello Jim,

It sounds as though your project index may have become corrupted. Hopefully this should be fixable. I suggest that you email the Windows Tech Support team with the file at windows.support@literatureandlatte.com so they can take a look at your project.

Do you use services such as dropbox? Projects may become corrupted if you close them before the syncing process is finished.

Regards, Stacey

Thanks Stacey,

I will open everything up and see how well it transfers to another project.
At this point it is no show stopper to make a fresh project and copy everything to it starting over with a clean slate.

This was pretty much a test to see how well the data transfered. Still learning the program and part of that process is getting to the point where one can trust it.


Fired things up and did some drag and drops to various projects and all seems well.
I will probably never learn why the first experience was a disaster but will proceed with caution and high hopes.